Shot fired nails including Paslode, Nailfire and Spit are included in this range of products, providing everything required for an instant fix into timber, steel or masonry. The nails come in strip form and go into a magazine. You need at least a .25 if not a .27 to do it. Home » Shot Fire System. Additional Information : Up to 700 fastenings per hour for fastening wood and sheet metal to concrete, sand-lime block masonry or steel, fastening wall or brick ties and installing X-FS form stops on concrete footings. Dispose of the charge, and try again with a new charge. A nail’s hardness influences how likely it is to be driven successfully. Rawlplug Cartridge Tools & Nail Fixing System . The OP may have seen the capacitor discharge guns they use to put a stud onto steel frames, or the .22 cal single shot hammers they use to pop nails into 3-4mm steel. Nails To Suit P200 System. With 600ft to worry about, I would seriously invest in a Hilti .27 semi-auto. By joining CR4 you can "subscribe" to this discussion and receive notification when new comments are added. In unserem Shop erhalten Sie Kosmetikliegen, Kosmetikgeräte & Kabinenausstattung. 16 - 82mm nails; To be used with powder cartridge (sold separately) Various size nails available to purchase Shot Fire System . Covering the joinery, building and M&E sectors, this range includes innovative clips and fixings intended to save time and labour on site. a nail into concrete or steel by using a powder cartridge - was pioneered by Martin Hilti in the 1940s. Powers C4 System. Powers C5 System. The more you buy, the more you save! A shot-fired hanger solution with pre-mounted nail end fixing, for securing installation into concrete or composite metal decking. Matey79. This holds the pin in place. Ply - Pattresses Ceiling and Wall Backing Supports, SDS Chisel & Points, Adaptors, and SDS Kits, Diamond & TCT Core Drill Sets & Accessories, Site Security, Storage Boxes and Handling, Extension Leads, Reels, 110v Cable, Plugs & Sockets. Paslode manufactures their nails from top quality steel. Welded † Only on hangers with a top flange thickness of at least 2mm. For driving nails into concrete, steel or sand-lime block. (Use 3 pins for WPU.) NailFire Nail /Brad packs of all sizes. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. +44 (0) 800 018 4264 About Gripple Firing bolt fixings into steel, ,Powder actuated nail gun, Piston tool, Using old metal for this. Add new comment. Spit SC9 35mm Steel … Allowed HTML tags: