... At anypoint after the "touching the sky" quest you can obtain the Auriel's bow achievement. You get those arrows and shoot at the sun, they have a different effect. Stendarr's Aura is useful. DG also gives more followers and can buy armoured trolls. There is also the rune shield, warhammer and war axe that the DG members will send you to collect and keep. Hello, For all you xbox 360 players please help, i have a few questions. You must have the Dawnguard DLC to obtain this ... Two special arrows can be created for the bow for special effect of Auriel's Bow. If you side with the Dawnguard when you get Auriel's Bow you can get a different special effect with Sunhallowed Arrows. The quest can be done without belonging to House Telvanni if you activate the topic "Auriel's Bow", with said item in possession, in dialogue with Torasa Aram in the Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold, and then speak with Therana. Dawnguard gets Arvok and Auriel's bow as well. Keep in mind the Dawnguard can't make you a werewolf. 1. can vampires get a dwarven crossbow 2. can dawnguard get auriel's Bow 3. can dawnguard get arvak the horse thank you Been a while since I played Dawnguard, so this might explain some things, but I can't seem to recall the specific reasoning that Serena and the LDB needed to get Auriel's Bow beyond "prophecy said so". All you need to do is defeat the enemy in from of you and use the different type of weapons that you have to accomplish this task. The stuff Harkon was building up to the entire time. 1 2 At least if I side with the Dawnguard, it feels like I’m building up a team and readying them to put an end to the vampiric shenanigans. Sunhallowed Elven Arrows can … Follow all the steps in the guide so you can get some tips and hints when unlocking it. You venture in the same dungeon to get the same item, but what differs is what you want to do with it : * create solar flares to anihilate vampires ? You get it in both cases, as it is part of the story. In this video guide you will be able to unlock Auriels Bow in Skyrim Dawnguad. Dawnguard - Need for Auriel's Bow. Whichever way you complete this quest, the journal entry incorrectly states that she gives you 5000 gold to go away. Touching The Sky is part of the series of Dawnguard quests available only through the Dawnguard DLC. Maybe even have Serana turn against us and force a confrontation with her, then use her blood to blot out the sun with Auriel’s Bow. If you use Auriel’s Bow to shoot these arrows at the sun, you can turn it red, nullifying the negative effects it has on you as a vampire (for the rest of that day only). DG get improved crossbows, exploding elemental bolts and restoration magic that can be used to harm undead.

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