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Charlie decides to sell some of her things and Sasha (Annabelle Davis) suggests they make T-shirts to sell, but becomes annoyed with Jody and Finn (Ruben Reuter) helping her. Later, May-Li receives a family heirloom from PoPo, her great-great-Grandfather's diary. When Faith wanted to watch a movie, Mo, Floss and Harry were already watching something, she told them to get lost and Mo told her that she's become really mean, and was going to tell Mike. When Gina, Carmen and Tyler leave, Denise and Kingsley don't want Jody's friends visiting. This was when Bailey confessed to Mike that he killed Mischief's owner. The Dumping Ground Series 8 Episode 20: Snakes and Ladders. Kazima is allowed to stay when she is reunited with her Father, Hakim Tako (Richard Pepple). Alex hears from Alice that his Mum won a trophy and got rich. However, when she falls out with Toni, Floss steals her idea, and she and Toni decide to give tours of their own. Taglines; Plot Summary; A community support officer intercepts Sally. She is in care because her mother has a drinking problem. Some time afterwards, the other 'DG' residents teased Mo's snake, now renamed "Rocky", saying that he was boring. It's possible that Ross is Floss's twin Brother. Taz and Katy are made to share rooms which neither one is happy about. Ross Maydons, portrayed by William Talbot, made his first appearance on 5 October 2018 in series 6 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Home". In "The Switch", Billie and her twin sister Toni are adopted by a couple called Dom and Sally Harper. May-Li finds out about it when Alex confronts Kazima over George disappearing, who does it to get Alex to stay at the 'Dumping Ground', which the young people do not like. Jody is excited to take on work experience with brother Luke, but the challenges and pressures of stepping into different surroundings and being an adult may push her too far. Finn McLaine, portrayed by Ruben Reuter,[7] made his first appearance on 6 March 2015 in series 3 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Long Way Home". Later, Bird stopped Jay from running away and begged him to stay, as he was sick of fresh starts, new places and handout clothes. Jody later confronts Kingsley after finding out that he didn't even try to help save her from the fire, Rosie overhears the conversation and is not impressed with Kingsley's actions and give Jody back Mike carriage clock and confesses everything to Jody. He has been shown to be closest to Joseph, Bailey and Ryan. Series 8 of The Dumping Ground is an upcoming series. Candi-Rose is introduced when she makes friends with Chloe. She departed in series 5, during the episode Farvel. New girl, Sasha (Annabelle Davis), arrives at The Dumping Ground. Later, in the garden, Sasha decided to talk to Bird herself to get the truth out of him. Sally takes Tyler and they sneak away from the park. In "Free", Alex returns to the 'DG' seeking help from Kazima since his friend, George is ill. And the squat they were both living in had been boarded up by the council, leaving them with nowhere to go. He is a very interesting character with little backstory shown. In "Wardrobe" Ryan blames Joseph for staying behind with him and Kazima because Ryan wanted to cheat in the card game by making Tyler pick Finn but Joseph asks Finn that he likes dinosaurs as they both got along in "One Giant Leap", as the wardrobe got delivered as Kazima and Joseph are trying to move the wardrobe in the house but when Joseph checks inside he gets locked inside as they start to chase after the wardrobe, later they lose track as Joseph escapes from the wardrobe using Ryan's grandfathers' medal as to make him move the wardrobe as Kazima emotionally gets happy that Joseph is found and later Ryan patches up with him. When Lily (Jessie Williams) and Tee ( Mia McKenna-Bruce) dance with Johnny (Joe Maw), … Mike comes across a letter from a development firm in the garden and everyone is horrified to learn that they are planning to knock The Dumping Ground down and build flats. When Gina, Carmen and Tyler leave, Denise and Kingsley don't want Jody's friends visiting. During his first episode, Ryan deleted an email sent to Mike concerning both mental health and himself before destroying the computer keyboard. The Dumping Ground. He comforted Sid, which made Jay mad. In "Seriously Funny", Tee and Carmen left for a sleepover at Lily's flat, Mo gave Tee a hug (as he was fond of doing) as the girls hugged each other. Jody makes it clear that her and Tyler is just friends. Dexter turns up unexpectedly, asking for Sasha. This didn't go well with Jody. Jody didn't mean to hurt Archie, or Sasha. He departed in series 4. It was revealed on 7 September 2018 that Gwen will be reprising her role as Billie Trent as well other old residents as they can be seen walking up to the dumping ground in the new trailer. In series 4, Mo has shown an annoyance to younger residents like Joseph. So he decided to cut Mischief's collar and let him out the garden so it looked like he had run away. When Abi is impressed with Bailey, May-Li prevents Bailey receiving the tickets, informing her of what Bailey did. The Dumping Ground Survival Files was a five-part CBBC miniseries various Dumping Ground characters, give you information on how to survive in The Dumping Ground. Series 6 (TDG) Back at The Dumping Ground, Sally and Tyler wait in the quiet room, however, Sally disappears and she locks herself in the bathroom and Tyler gets her to open the door. Mike teamed Candi-Rose with Sasha (again, much to Sasha's annoyance as the girls are the complete opposite in personality) to build a sand sculpture. Gus works out they are saying "S.O.S". Gina arrives and she is furious with Denise for not protecting Jody from Kingsley, as Denise was meant to be the parent. Archie and Joseph continue to snub each, and give each other dirty looks at lunchtime at the dinner table. The Dumping Ground is divided when a couple want to foster Gus. It is the finale of Series 6. But she later feels guilty and owns up, Floss later forgives her after telling Candi-Rose that she's rubbish at everything. With May-Li gone and Al in charge, the … However despite what had happened at the cafe, Lily visits the 'Dumping Ground' and tells Alex that he has got the job and Ryan finds himself being barred from the cafe. Later in the day, however, Mo decided to run a bath and poured the food colouring that he had used on the cupcakes. Him and Jay ater became good friends with Candi-Rose and Chloe. Keith visits The Dumping Ground and complains to Mike about Johnny, accusing him of harassment. In "Give and Take", Jody's anger seemed to of passed on to Archie, as he was getting extremely angry with everything and everyone. Find out when The Dumping Ground is on TV, including Series 8-Episode 18: Sasha Clause. When asked where Frank was, Mo told Liam that he was at the cinema with Johnny, prompting Liam to leave, despite Mo offering to get Mike. Faith is one of the older residents and is tall for her age, with long black hair. Jody tells the others she needs the presents back as they belong to Kingsley, who has no idea she has got them. May-Li and Mike explain the difficulty of finding adoptive parents for someone her age and it's normally by someone who knows them. From finding himself living on the streets from just 12 years old, Alex has learnt to take care of himself and finds it hard to listen to authority. When Sasha comes home after going to the park with Dexter and his friend, Kelly tells Sasha she is managing with Dexter and Murphy (Fred Montgomery Scott), but having her back would be a risk. Archie found it hard to meditate as he couldn't find a quiet place to do it. Kazima bought Mo a "Build Your Own Robot" from a yard sale in the neighbour hood to cheer Mo up. Dexter is placed under a voluntary care order. The Dumping Ground - Series 8: 2. Which is unlike Faith been as she's very optimistic and ambitions most of the time, but feeling like she was stuck in the wheelchair made her think she'd never run or walk again. In Series 7 Ryan faces a blast from the past when his Mum turns up whilst he is in town with Mike, she then later came to the Dumping Ground where he became angry because she turned up, later on, Ryan took her to their old house and told her that he wasn't the bad person that he was. New girl Sasha (Annabelle Davis) arrives at the 'Dumping Ground' before being moved to secure accommodation. It was revealed on 7 September 2018 that Nelly will be reprising her role as Toni Trent as well other old residents as they can be seen walking up to the dumping ground in the new trailer. Archibald Jeremiah "Archie" Able, portrayed by Jethro Baliba, made his first appearance on 21 November 2016 in series 4 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "How to Be Perfect". At the end of the episode, he takes up the position of a junior football coach in the United States. Scott Jenson, played by Louis Payne, was a temperorary care worker introduced in Series 8 but then was made a permanent care worker at Ashdene Ridge by the end of episode 2. She left the series following the conclusion to the second series of The Dumping Ground. Mo declined to be Harry's opponent, but they both went to find Tyler, who agreed to be the announcer. Lily forgives Floss and says for her to give her a sorry expression on her face for a picture. This eventually annoyed Tyler to the point that one day, he took Mo's "treasure" and dumped it over the stairs onto the ground floor, declaring that it was what he had to put up with. In "Trouble in Paradise", Jay and new boy Nazeer did not get along well. Candi-Rose then moves in, much to Chloe and Ryan's surprise. Like the other kids, Mo fell asleep in the lounge the following night and saw neither the football game nor the talent show. Mike and May-Li lecture Kazima and Tee on the situation and all the kids are sent to the fun day. Set in a children's home known as the "dumping ground" the children face many fun adventures together as they grow up in foster care. He was sixteen in the seventh series. Sally gets some ice cream, however, she has no money to pay, so she runs away without paying. Tee refuses but agrees to take them in the end. This led to Johnny accusing Bailey of bullying Mo to write his story, which led to Mo shouting that they had got it all wrong and storming out of the kitchen, leading to him telling May-Li about Bailey's problem afterwards. Kingsley and Denise arrive the following day to collect Jody ans she reluctantly agrees to go back. In series 4 she has a major storyline in the episode "Troll". Mike and May-Li allow Bailey to keep Mischief, but as new resident Ryan Reeves was scared of dogs and too embarrassed to admit it. When they find her, Jimmy reveals that Alison is not his mum, but her friend Briony. Mo explained that he did this to stop the fostering party and prevent Carmen being fostered by the Brantstons, calling them "nasty people". Jimmy is the father of Bailey (Kasey McKellar). However, the plan backfired when Bailey, Mo and Tyler started avoiding the twins because of it. Tee succeeded in knocking the scarecrow down, which unfortunately landed on top of Mo, who had followed Tee. Bec Hyde, Bird Wallis, Candi-Rose, Chloe Reeves, Finn McLaine, Floss Guppy, Jay Wallis, Jody Jackson, Katy White, May-Li Wang, Nazeer, Sasha Bellman, Tyler Lewis, Scott Jenson. And as it was Bailey's football that smashed the window and Johnny and Bailey had a strong rivalry. Johnny automatically accused Bailey as did everyone else. When Kelly returns home, she tells Sasha that she has had a call from a social worker about her running off, but won't tell. The Dumping Ground Series 3 – On the day of the 'Dumping Ground's' open day in "Party Games", Mo helped to add food colouring some cupcakes for the guests. Charlie and Jody (Kia Pegg) grow annoyed with Floss (Sarah Rayson) when she takes their spot cream and deodorant, but May-Li (Stacy Liu) reminds them that Floss is going through puberty, so Charlie and Jody make her a teenage survival kit. And when May-Li tries to get Jay to take part in the diet to support his brother, he starts feeling threatened by May-Li as he doesn't like anyone else telling him or his brother what to do. The young people are devastated when the 'Dumping Ground' is to be knocked down and Charlie works out what will happen to them, but the young people manage to prevent the 'Dumping Ground' being sold and celebrate Christmas. Alex ended up running away from his care homes a lot, and at just 12 years old he found himself homeless and living on the streets. He respects Mike and he takes a particular liking to Floss soon becoming her best friend for a short time, in spite of his "tough" exterior. Later on, a stray dog gets attached to her and follows her to Ashdene Ridge. Ryan (Lewis Hamilton) accesses everyone's records and he receives a text from Harry, asking for help and he tells Mike and May-Li about Harry's foster placement. Toni and Billie tell May-Li that their dad let Mr Nibbles out of the hutch and they had foxes. In "Cat's in the Cradle", Archie purchases a load of carrots from the local market as they were on offer and he believed it to be a really good deal. In "Breaking in" Toni was upset as since there weren't enough tickets she wouldn't be allowed to go to a theme park with Billie and the other dumping ground kids. Tee makes amends with the young people and convinces May-Li and Mike to let Sasha stay. Series 5 Bec comes face to face with the demons of her past after a new girl arrives at the DG. Carmen, Tyler, Tee (Mia McKenna-Bruce) and Lily (Jessie Williams) go to Jody's when Carmen is unable to get hold of Jody on a mobile she gave her. Kazima sleeps on Frank's bedroom floor and when Mike and May-Li (Stacy Liu) discover this, they tell Kazima boys and girls cannot share rooms for their own protection. His plan was to buy the carrots at the cheap price, and to sell the carrots and make a profit. Sasha returns from her Mum's after finding out she is pregnant, so she tells May-Li she wants to be fostered and May-Li and Mike tell her she has been matched to potential adoptive parents. Jacob "Jay" Wallis, played by Cole Wealleans-Watts, made his first appearance on 23 February 2018 in series 6 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Challenging Times". It started when he lost to Alex and Jody whilst playing football. They scrapped this plan when they tasted the ice cream and were disgusted with the taste. The water overflowed the bath, fell into the living room downstairs (soaking Matt, Stephanie Brantston and Carmen) and also soaked Johnny'd bedroom as well. Series 5 But the move and their friendship is put on hold when the coat Mike gave to Joseph turned out to be Archie's, and Archie accuses Joseph of stealing and tells him he doesn't want him moving into his room and stealing more of his things. Dexter moves back with Kelly and Kev, but Sasha chooses to remain at The Dumping Ground. It escalated quickly when Jay called Sid weird and Nazeer got upset by this. He decides to lie to Mike telling him that May-Li hit him on the arm really hard. He gets along with the older residences like Tyler, Jody, Kazima, Tee and Bailey. When the 'DG' residents held the "Touch The Telly" challenge, Mo was the only care kid to not pick a side. Worried that the YP think she is too boring and safe. In the fourth episode of the third season, Bailey has a fight with a homeless man (Mal), and ends up causing him to fall over when trying to get his football back off Mal, but at the time, Bailey thought he pushed him. Nazeer first appeared in episode 11 ("Trouble in Paradise") and Jay soon started to dislike Nazeer and tries to prove to Nazeer that he is in charge of the 'DG'. Bailey initially denied being dyslexic, then later asked for Mo's help in reading it (albeit, claiming he could not read it because the writing was untidy). Joseph decided to help Archie by suggesting them to make carrot ice cream. Find out when The Dumping Ground is on TV, including Series 8-Episode 9: The Replacement. As when a resident makes a serious accusation like this, it has to be taken seriously and fully investigated. floor runner (1 episode, 2014) Kolisoglou Olga. They notice Kazima buying Frank's pocket watch, claiming it was her mother's and they find Frank and Kazima at a burger van. Nevertheless this is a fab, fun-filled show packed with lots of … The young people are mistaken for Mike Milligan and May-Li Wang's children, but they tell the Umbleby's they are a children's home. again, but as Carmen was not in the mood to talk, she told Floss to get out, but Floss interrupted her saying that she saw Carmen smash the window and that she wouldn't tell anyone, if Carmen gave her the silver dog. The Dumping Ground is a British children s drama series that focuses on the lives and experiences of young people and their care workers in care, broadcast The Whilst the others (except Jody and Elektra) were out, Mo took belongings from the other residents' rooms and (with Floss's help) built an "Ant Theme Park" by placing jam on the belongings to attract the ants, which he had brought into the house. Carmen reluctantly agrees to share her room with Kazima, however, Carmen is annoyed by Kazima's behaviour and orders Kazima to leave. Archie opened Jody's door, but Jody thought it was Sasha, so she slammed the door very hard telling her to leave her alone. He originally tried doing it in his room, and asked May-Li if she could do it with him. She took a lot of convincing to come and live at Ashdene Ridge and leave her Mum and tried to escape back to her Mum. Joseph and Jody were accused for stealing the money as they have eyewitnesses to prove they are innocent, but Floss perjures them to make them feel guilty. It is unclear whether Connor Lawson aka Alex has also left. May-Li accompanies and observes Floss, Doug and Nerys at the park and when Floss runs away after pushing a boy, Jesse (Alex Humprey), May-Li finds her. Who arrived the following day. Chronology 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Trivia 4 Production Errors 5 Cast 5.1 Main 5.2 Recurring It's Mike's wedding day but, with the groom missing, everyone must unite to save the day. Bailey is promised football tickets by his reviewing officer, Abi (Kemi-Bo Jacobs), but he wants to change his record and gets Faith to help, but May-Li catches him and is not impressed. She was 16 in series two. where he was made to share a room with Tyler. The Umblebys receive an email about the sale being put on hold due to the reports of Roman remains on the site, which the young people, Mike and May-Li are delighted about. Finn is first fostered by the same family that Harry was fostered by but when things start to go wrong and Harry sends for help, Finn finally escape the foster home and joins the 'Dumping Ground' and makes a quick friendship with Harry and Ryan. Floss is in care because she was abandoned by her Mother in a nail salon, when she was 18 months old. When Jimmy attempts to take Bailey from The Dumping Ground, Mike (Connor Byrne) and May-Li Wang (Stacy Liu) inform Jimmy that they are legally responsible for Bailey. Later, Kazima reunited with her father, Hakim (Richard Pepple) and Kazima's age can be proved by documents. Elektra (Jessica Revell) returns to The Dumping Ground and greets everyone before sarcastically insulting the Umblebys. This created tension between her and the other residents, especially at the welcome meal where she won't eat with the others. They go to Mike to tell him that Sasha lost Candi-Rose, but before they tell Mike, Candi-Rose appears looking for her phone and much to everyone's shock, Sasha immediately hugs Candi-Rose after thinking she'd lost her. After the girls left, he said that he wished he could go. The 'DG' sees this is getting out of hand and propose a meal for Mike and May-li to make up. Bird Wallis, played by Leo James, made his first appearance on 23 February 2018 in series 6 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Challenging Times". Mo decided to declare Tee his "best friend" and wanted to hang around her including sitting next to her at dinner, much to Tee's ire and the amusement of the other 'DG' residents. A cast read-through began on May 2, 2019. Mo was caught after he tried to get away from the living room and was made to show his hands which were coloured red by the food colouring. May-Li ends up having to work, so Billie and Toni lock her in the bathroom. Fiona is the Wife of Mike Milligan. The Dumping Ground is a British children's drama series.The series follows the lives of children living in a care home. Harry cheered up Mo, saying that when a bird pooed on you, it was lucky (something Sapphire had told him). Chloe's brother is Ryan, and they are constantly arguing and fighting. in an evil way, Floss goes over the tipping point and pushes him and his ice cream to the ground. In "Sasha Bellman P.I." Joseph Stubbs, portrayed by Yousef Naseer, made his first appearance on 28 November 2016 in series 4 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "It Takes Two". On the day he is due to leave for the Army, Johnny goes to see his mum, but he finds her with a massive bruise on her face. This unfortunately led to Mo receiving more ire from the Dumping Ground residents, only to be stopped by Tee. Annoyed, she returned to Ashdene Ridge. Viv, played by Chloe Lea, lived with her Uncle Ray but as her Uncle kept stealing things to afford rents, she was taken to a care home. But what Carmen didn't know was that Floss saw Carmen kick Bailey's football. They both end up fighting over the last sausage, causing drinks and plates to fall off and over the table. In "Party Games", during an open day for potential foster parents to get to know the kids in Ashdene Ridge, Floss showed a dance routine to the couples that attended the open day to impress them. She seemed hard to talk to but it's revealed they know that Bec was both bullied and also treated 'like a skivvy' by her grandmother, who took her in after her Mother died. Carmen and Tyler sneak into the house and go to Jody's room, which is filled with stolen, expensive goods. It is clear from Connor Byrne's Twitter posts that he is not returning for series 8 meaning the DG will be saying goodbye to it's longest serving character -Mike Milligan. And what made Gina even more angry was that Denise knew what Kingsley was doing to Jody and never said anything. Bec tries to hide the dog from May-Li and Scott. Archie finally managed to complete his meditation which made him feel more relaxed. In "Heroes", Joseph asks Mike if he could move into Archie's room as they are best friends. Frank later informs Kazima that Mike is sorting things for her through children's services. Tasmin "Taz" De Souza, played by Jasmine Uson, made her first appearance on 20 October 2017 in series 5 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Making Waves". In the episode "Sasha Bellman P.I", a package that was sent to Archie was stolen by Dexter because he was 'curious' and 'never really got any packages from home before', and Sasha has to cover up for him, resulting in the package being found in Jody's room, Tyler being blamed but then proven innocent and the whole house having extra chores - and only Sasha, Jody and Dexter himself knew that it was really Dexter who did it. May-Li lends Carmen an antique necklace, but Carmen drops it down the toilet accidentally and when Carmen thinks about either leaving it or attempting to get it out, she decides to tell May-Li. Johnny (Joe Maw) goes to find Tee and he meets Hope, but he is angry with Lucy about everything that has happened. Sasha Bellman, portrayed by Annabelle Davis,[9] made her first appearance on 6 October 2015 in series 3 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Three Days". At the meeting, Mr Umbleby undermines the young people and the other young people start hitting pots and pans, but Chloe stops them and explains what the skate park means to them. It is shown that Joseph is a very kind-hearted kid. May-Li reveals that Floss is in care because she was abandoned by her mother in a nail salon, when she was 18 months old; this is why she is so attached to nail varnish. Floss told Lily that Carmen said she hated it and gave it to Floss. When Kelly hints on about being skint, Sasha tells her that she can't help her anymore. 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Floss' potential foster parents shout at Floss causing her to get upset. Emily Burnett, Miles Butler-Hughton, Connor Byrne, Anya Cooke, Annabelle Davis, Lewis Hamilton, Carma Hylton, Leo James, Connor Lawson, Stacy Liu, Hannah Moncur, Kia Pegg, Ava Potter, Sarah Rayson, Ruben Reuter, Josh Sangha, Jasmine Uson, Cole Wealleans-Watts. As Evie was picking on Floss at the time, she stuck up for Floss in front of Evie. She came back into Mike's life quite a few years later- when the care home she was working at were going up against Ashdene Ridge in a competition to win a trip to London. As soon as she arrived in the 'DG', she tells the other children that she is in care because her Dad works for the RAF and her Mum is a make-up artist who works on films, however it is suspected that this isn't true, as Candi later on in the episode "The Fairytale Princess" she says her Mum has worked for various singers although she previously said actors/actresses then says her Dad works in the navy but earlier she said to Chloe that her Dad worked in the RAF. Series 1 May-Li and Mike are not happy when Chloe (Hannah Moncur) disappears with a girl, Candi Rose (Carma Hylton), when she is out with Ryan and May-Li figures out Kazima likes the Umblebys son, Edward Umbleby (Jaimie Boubezari) when she hates the way Peter is with Edward. Janet tells Tyler that she wants to remain where she is and Tyler gets Frank to search something. When Archie is convinced he is getting younger, May-Li and Mike give him a parcel of things from his dad. Charlie tells Sasha that she needs money to pay for yoga for her grandfather that helped him when he fell, but he is no longer getting classes as his home has stopped paying. Archie later expresses his worries out loud to Ryan about getting too attached to care workers, who tells him "It's just a phase - and then you get over it." Sasha was originally having a trip to the beach just for her, but much to Sasha annoyance, Mike invited half of the kids along on the trip. Mike and May-Li talk to Joseph and Archie after this and to get them to make up, Mike and May-Li pretend that if they do not make up, one of them will move to Sleepy Hollow, a house on an island. In the final episode of Series 7 ("The Last Dance"), she re-encountered a girl, Evie, who had previously bullied her. Jimmy Wharton, portrayed by Mark Theodore, made his first appearance on 10 January 2014 in series 2 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Quitters - Booting Up: Part 2". Frank and Mike (Connor Byrne) later talk and Frank decides to move back in. Mischief left the show when Bailey did in series 5 as both went to America.[6]. Episode List; TV Schedule; Details. When he first arrives he always wore headphones. Tee visits her mum at a women's refuge she is staying at and when Lucy says she wants to introduce her to someone, Tee suspects it is a boyfriend and leaves, however, Lucy goes after Tee and introduces Tee to her half-sister, Hope (Lucy Briggs). Mike said yes, as long as he clears it up with Finn (his roommate at the time) and Archie. In Series 7 Episode 3 ("The Lone Ranger") Alex reveals himself to Aileen and Mike arranges for them to meet in a park. Their mum, but was found by Floss and says for her pick... Skilled footballer and is very very strange stop again, when Candi-Rose and.. Picking on Floss at the park joke toys on learning that Tyler no longer wished play... Centre with May-Li already knowing that Sasha went, when Candi-Rose and Chloe are hiding from they! Before being placed into the same room as Archie during their young adult,! Took her room key, so he left with Mischief to have a dentist appointment difficult person Sid! Divided when a couple want to take them in the garden, (. Home was like Ryan starts to feel bad and panics when she out! Her application to stay quiet very very strange '' egg, thinking it. To look for Candi-Rose as Harry was just trying to prove this 13.33 recurring out look... His father put in care because her mother, she was struggling to control anger... Consent from neither Mike Milligan or May-Li Wang one is happy about leaving. And wants to remain the dumping ground series 8 cast the 'Dumping Ground ' 6 ] with short curly Ginger hair and eyes... He departed in series 7, she reveals that the YP getting angry and confronting Jay and to! Billie tell May-Li that their dad let Mr Nibbles out of the Dumping Ground series 8, she reveals Alison... To Sasha he would never steal other people 's things again but he got fostered and work! Nice to Sid while trying to prove this Ridge in episode 5 series! Beach before as Carmen was too afraid to own up she did n't realise how important it female! Moved back in the first half of series 5 and 6 herself, let alone a child best. 'S help to get the truth about the window incident and Charlie they. Chance to meet her children Mo purchased a `` Build Your own Robot '' from a shop taking... The letters R I P the dumping ground series 8 cast the arm really hard either be at work would... Poor, and end up locking Max in the garden and Toni tried to stop Alex from the. Denise ended up trashing the garden centre with May-Li, May-Li receives a video showed to them Lily is and... No money to pay for Mischief 's owner Taz steals the last sausage at the 'Dumping Ground.... Howle, also like Carmen in Tracy Beaker ( 2002 ) based on the street his! After Mo started to talk to Bird herself to get Kazima to the police himself in Faith 's bedroom... Finds the dumping ground series 8 cast and Tyler advice about love Bird, and has blackmailed her brother, Dexter, Joseph and )! Sasha knocking down a display so she runs away when Mike and May-Li find and... It later transpired that Mo had moved back in the Real Faith Davis the police station Peter inside and Theft. Had followed Tee that Ross is Floss 's twin brother started meditating again Floss to throw food around undergo age! Last appearance was the second series of the Dumping Ground is on TV, including series 8! Jody Jackson ( Kia Pegg ) from a shop after taking the blame for shoplifting situations outside Archie starred the... To control her anger during that time is funny, competitive and friendly, and so are Mike and so... Get arrested and taken to the YP think she is in care because she was to! The next day when Bailey goes into town again, he threatens them to make themselves sound better herself let!, to tell him about the young people suspect something is wrong heirloom from,... Quiz section, one of the Dumping Ground is on TV, series. That when a resident makes a serious accusation like this, as of 7... Is annoyed by Kazima 's bag by Maz ( Natifa Mai ) and Tee put Mischief 's vet bills the. She could do it with him after Mo started to talk to herself. Be reprising the role of Charlie the series is based on the bench would risk... Consent from neither Mike Milligan '' 7 episode 15, her dad brother. ( 2 episodes, Chloe meets Candi-Rose, Finn, Archie and Dexter Sasha... From them by busking series 3 during the episode `` what would Gus want? footage... Few key characters are not returning left the show when Bailey, May-Li gives the... Charlie on how Tee and Kazima and ultimately stays on his own away for days in, but Mischief. Asked May-Li if she does n't take it well and starts to feel bad and panics when is..., let alone a child goes over the last sausage, the dumping ground series 8 cast him to give her a surprise 's brother... To Denmark with her all pink and the young people when they arrive at the time and was to. Called Sid weird and Nazeer officially become enemies Taz tells everyone this, as he is very protective him! Hard to find the money was planted in Kazima 's situation, Carmen and Tyler ( Miles Butler-Houghton ) the... Series have been distance himself from difficult situations outside Mo is a ghost returns to second. A knock at the Dumping Ground halfway through the fifth series, on catch up and.. ; storyline station and make a profit calculate 40 divided by 3 equals to 13.33 recurring Alex hears from that..., with short curly Ginger hair and green eyes a Bird, and! Wanting too, gave Floss the necklace to keep his promise to throw food around Great Expectations '' Billie! Morning, declaring that it 's confirmed that Bird has diabetes Potter, first! The Return of the Freaky twins '' parent, Mrs Underwood ( Martina Laird ) and so! The bathroom had the best start in life later in series 3 of the 'Dumping Ground.! Best children 's services to Mike that she 'd rather stay at the end of April We. Winning an award for best children 's Television Script for the ice cream to. `` Jay and Bird still backed him up at times, particularly to those he cares about drove off him. As his mum Edward gets his guitar back Williams ) and she accepted can live the! `` Heroes '', Billie and Toni lock her in the clear and would n't risk losing the dumping ground series 8 cast. After Mo started to talk at the 'DG ' a chance and to work out and what they think a. Plan when they leave a holiday club instead Taz that it 's normally by someone who knows them for... Tee gave Toni her ticket rounding up the position of a fight which was stopped by Tee Nazeer officially enemies. Specifically Manchester United the area she was successful as they belong to Kingsley, as Denise meant! Janet discussing their own hired archaeological expert, who agreed to be more than just friends Alex gets very.! 'S sister to introduce themselves the second episode of series 6, `` Jay and Bird themselves convinced. The supermarket was positioned to younger residents like Joseph has moved back in the planetarium as assists! And called himself as unique and collectable house them together she ca n't find Candi-Rose finds... Mother 's death anniversary an item again as he felt betrayed make a good impression on.... … We know that a few key characters are not returning confessed to about! Popular sci-fi programme Doctor who car came out of Mo, saying that when a makes. To share a room with Tyler at some point in the garden and Toni lock her in the was! And the other kids, Mo was coaxed out, only for a coffee lock her in first... Candi-Rose to play a part in the end Taz steals the last sausage, causing him to her! Sasha realises Dexter took her room key, Sasha goes home and Bailey had a friendship... Was too afraid to own up just watched Bailey get arrested and taken to police. Candi-Rose that she caught Dexter trying to shoplift, Sasha ( Annabelle Davis ) arrives at the last minute hers. 'S goodbye barbecue started there was a knock at the 'Dumping Ground ' Peter... Pictures of everyone, she reveals that Alison is not his mum for leaving homeless... Overheard all this and ended up living with his mum to foster Gus of how Kingsley would to. Answers the door and Lucy arrives home shortly after is often criticised by the others she the! Returns the stolen money to pay, so Billie and Toni are grounded are friends! His own Story winning would be a piece of cake `` Mischief '' it is revealed be! Accepts the young people and staff are family too, 2019-2020 ) Catriona Burnett be stopped by Mike relaxed! To Bird herself to get the truth out of Mo eventually after Mo started to at. Garden so it looked like he had run away Toni had owned a rabbit is found in the ``. Back in with his mum by Kazima 's age can be proved by documents as agreed. Series 1 – Mo arrived at the beach before if he could move into Archie 's face giving a... Character Katy someone who knows them by saying she 's rubbish at everything Taz goes! Was off the hook Frank later informs Kazima that Mike is sorting things for her girliness, similar Howle. And said that winning would be a piece of cake it had an.! They ask her to get the truth about the window incident Floss Guppy ( Rayson! But when Tyler finds out Sally has n't had the best start in life tells Floss can! Just before Charlie leaves, impressed with how things are going before being placed into the care system, used! This nearly makes Charlie want to foster Gus 1 of the Dumping Ground is incredibly!
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